A Refreshing Look at the ‘TUF 17’ Cast

By Jordan Breen Jan 10, 2013

When a new cast of "The Ultimate Fighter" is announced now, most people quickly scan their eyes over the list of names, oculars glazing and rolling, barely able to keep interest over the cavalcade of lukewarm prospects that now inhabit the show. Well, if for some reason you want to feel a greater kinship (or fight knowledge) of this year's particular crop, BloodyElbow.com's Zombie Prophet has assembled a mammoth playlist for you.

Nearly 150 Youtube elements, from fights to highlights, make it into the massive TUF 17 playlist which you can check out here.

There is something to be said for the very construction of the playlist, as well. Mr. Zombie Prophet clearly has a sense of humor to boot, kickstarting the video extravaganza with cast member Kevin Casey's exploits. Better still, those exploits include some of "King" Casey's infamous rapping. Casey, who would be the early favorite for "Guy You Would Least Want to be on a Reality Show With" if anyone still cared about TUF, owes whatever fame he has to any combination of the following: promoting himself to BJJ black belt after growing frustrated with his belt progression under Rickson Gracie, spitting in the face of Marc Laimon getting crushed by an aged Matt Lindland in Strikeforce.

Also, he is close personal friends with Spencer Pratt. Sometimes these blog things just write themselves. I should do them more often.

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