A Strong Show of Tactics

By Jason Probst Sep 20, 2011
Fighting is often as much a case of knowing when to make a move to yield maximum results. The distinction often separates winners from losers, particularly in hard-fought bouts that go the distance. In the ebb and flow of a tough fight, a single action can make the difference in a round, which often determines the outcome.

At UFC Fight Night 25 on Saturday in New Orleans, Erik Koch and Court McGee showed good heads for making their moves at the right time to take decision victories. After establishing consistent takedown defense against the ever-pressuring Jonathan Brookins, Koch used his standup to carve out a distinct advantage over the final two rounds. For McGee, the road was especially tough against Dongi Yang. The South Korean judo stylist was simply impossible to budge in tie-ups through the first two rounds, and one could see McGee downshift and fall back on his pace and conditioning, as though to say, “OK, I’ll try you later after we keep working.” Fittingly, McGee rallied hard in the third round to score a pair of takedowns that seemed woefully unavailable early.

It is not just what you do but when you do it. In each guy’s case, knowing when to step on the gas and when to coast in forcing his kind of fight was executed at the appropriate stage of the bout. Moving forward, it figures to be something that will serve both Koch and McGee well as the competition stiffens.

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