After Triathlons with Nick Diaz, Fighting Not So Hard for Yancy Medeiros

By Staff Apr 23, 2013
Yancy Medeiros, on “Cheap Seats,” discussing how Nick Diaz got him to do a triathlon and made him a better fighter for it:

“I’d never even trained for a triathlon. I never did mountain [biking], and it’s there in Tahoe. It’s a 22-mile bike, half-a-mile swim and six-mile run. My first triathlon ever, and I do it. After I do it, he’s like, ‘Hell yeah, nobody does that kind of thing.’ I’m like, ‘That’s right.’ Nobody pushes themselves to do that, but I did it spontaneously. I went in there and did it. Then I go and train for a fight, and it’s not as hard for me mentally. To go in there with anxieties and what not, it’s not as hard because he makes me do triathlons. He makes me bike. We go biking on mountains [with] literally hundred-foot drops if you make a mistake. You’ve got to be in it. You’ve got to be in it mentally, physically, spiritually. You’ve got to be focused. I feel that really does help me in my fights.”

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