Alvarez: Good That LaRosa Doesn’t Train with Other Women

By Staff Apr 6, 2011
Eddie Alvarez, on “The Savage Dog Show,” discussing teammate Tara LaRosa (Pictured):

“Because of her temper, she only really trains with men. She won’t train with women. Any women that come into the Fight Factory, she won’t even go near them. I think it’s probably a better idea that she don’t. … As far as heart and just pure strength, I don’t know if there’s any girl out there who’s going to be able to match it. I’m glad we have her over there. There’s kids who come in to watch when we train, and I always tell the kids that I bet that girl over there will whoop your ass. A kid one day took me up on it. I said I was going to give him $100 if he didn’t give up within a minute. Tara didn’t even know what was going on, but I told her that she had to grapple this kid and tap him out real quick. He was a little young punk from the neighborhood. He got on the mat all tough, and Tara omoplata’d him and wrenched his arm out in like 30 seconds.”
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