Alvarez on Training with Edgar: ‘Crazy Competitive’

By Staff Oct 18, 2010
Eddie Alvarez on the “Savage Dog Show” last week describing his training sessions with UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar:

“Me and Frankie are crazy competitive. We sort of have the same mentality, the same sort of work ethic. The relationship’s unbelievable. It’s like a fight every time. I don’t want him to get over on me. He doesn’t want me to get over on him. It’s tit for tat, back and forth. We get in each other’s faces and we make each other better. We trade secrets. … He’s the top in the world right now. He’s with the top organization in the world, and I’m looking to become the number one lightweight outside of the UFC. I find Frankie as no threat to me and I think he feels the same way. … What we’re both trying to achieve doesn’t conflict. We just make each other better every time we get together.”
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