Anthony Pettis: Cage Helps Create Angles, Set Up Moves

By Staff Feb 7, 2013
Anthony Pettis, on “Beatdown,” discussing the off-the-cage knee he landed on Donald Cerrone:

“This is totally my fighting style. I’m not going out there and trying to be somebody I’m not or trying to one-up myself. Everything you see in the cage is what I do in the gym. I think that was probably a five out of my 10. If I had a 10 performance, that was about a five. I’ve got so much stuff that I throw in the gym, and it’s not me being cocky. … I’m not trying to embarrass people or trying to do things I normally don’t do. It’s just my fighting style. If I would have thrown a traditional knee in that situation right there, I could have got punched or the knee wouldn’t have landed flush. The cage helped me get the angle I was looking for. It sets everything else up. I’m not doing it just to do it. It sets up the next moves.”

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