Arlovski No Longer Welcome in Affliction

By Jake Rossen Jun 23, 2009
Thanks to some spectacularly miscalculated management, Andrei Arlovski strolled into a fight with a very dangerous Brett Rogers on only a few weeks’ notice. He exited with a sore jaw, a severely damaged fight reputation and the cancellation of his planned boxing debut on June 27.

The consequences don’t end there. Fighter’s Only and MMAJunkie have both confirmed that Affliction has no interest in renewing Arlovski’s contract, which remitted $1.5 million in hazard pay for the loss to Fedor Emelianenko in January.

Arlovski has some of the most polished hands in the division, and he was well on his way to giving Emelianenko a hard time before he got reckless with a flying knee; a rematch could’ve been lucrative for both. Instead, Arlovski finds himself with a quote no promotion stateside is capable of paying.

He should probably start practicing “watashi wa Andrei.” Failing that, he couldn’t do any worse in a rematch with Rogers, and stands a chance of restoring some momentum to his career -- at a substantial discount.
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