Arona’s Comeback Begins with Eastman

By Jake Rossen Jul 6, 2009
After recently announcing his participation in a Brazilian fight promotion, MMAJunkie reports that Ricardo Arona may fight Marvin Eastman in Bitetti Combat on September 12. It would be Arona’s first fight in nearly three years.

Does the choice say anything about Arona’s headspace in 2009? It might: taking a fight with an upper-echelon opponent after an extended hiatus would be a fairly overt move for a payday. If Arona is opting for Eastman -- a tough but journeyman athlete with a tendency to get cracked -- then he’s aware that a deep-end dive isn’t good for his long-term prospects. He’ll get a good fight in Eastman, but he shed more sweat than blood. It’s exactly what he needs.
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