Askren: I Can Take Down Anyone in MMA

By Staff Apr 8, 2011
Ben Askren (Pictured), on “Beatdown,” discussing his strategy for transitioning to MMA:

“I know I can take anyone in mixed martial arts down, period. I can pretty much take down anyone in the world. I might not be able to beat anyone in the world, especially in freestyle wrestling. In folkstyle, I really honestly think that I could probably beat anyone in the world in the sport of folkstyle wrestling. So when I got in the sport of mixed martial arts, I knew for a fact that I’d be able to take anyone down that I want. So after that, my next point of emphasis is jiu-jitsu. If I can take anyone down and no one can submit me, then already at that point, I’m a very, very difficult person to beat. I got some black belts and I said, ‘Come on. Submit me as many times as you can, and I’m going to figure out how to get out of it.’ Right away I’m a tough person to beat because I’ve got good cardio. I’m not going to quit. I’m going to take you down, and you can’t submit me. … Now I’m starting to work on my hands just in case there’s someone who I do prefer to stand up with.”
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