Back in the Day, Yves Edwards Used to Badmouth Himself

By Staff Oct 10, 2012
Yves Edwards, on “Cheap Seats,” discussing earlier days in MMA:

“I really, really miss the days when you had no idea who it was that you were fighting. You just got a name and you just trained with your guys and then you went and you fought. I’ve been in arenas and I’ve talked to people that I was going to fight and they didn’t know they were talking to me. They were like, ‘Yeah, I’m fighting this guy. His name is Yves Edwards. You know him?’ I’d be like, ‘Yeah, I know that guy,’ but I’d never tell them it was me and then we’d get in the ring and they’d be surprised. It would kind of throw guys off, I think. I would talk badly about myself ... and how bad I sucked, but then it’s time to fight.”


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