Barry Explains What Really Happened in ‘Cro Cop’ Loss

By Staff Jan 18, 2011
Patrick Barry, on “Beatdown,” discussing what went wrong against Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic:

“The game plan worked. The right hand, the right leg -- everything was to a T. I was in shape for the fight. I had done all the training possible. … I just didn’t drink enough milk before the fight, and my hand broke and my foot broke in the first round. So I pretty much fought Cro Cop for 12 minutes with just my left hand, hoping that one of them was going to land. I don’t think you can really plan for breaking stuff. … It went from, ‘I’m fighting Cro Cop, so what. I’m just fighting him. He’s a man just like I am.’ To all of a sudden, when three out of my four weapons were gone, because my left leg was kind of damaged from him blocking two kicks in the first round also ... in round two and round three, a part of me was waiting to just kicked in the head. I will not deny that there was a part of my brain that was saying, ‘Any minute now, this dude is going to highlight reel you because you can’t defend anything.’”
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