Benavidez: Johnson’s Speed Will Give Cruz Problems

By Staff Aug 15, 2011
Joseph Benavidez, on “Beatdown,” discussing Demetrious Johnson’s chances of beating Dominick Cruz (Pictured) at UFC Live 6:

“Dominick Cruz beats a lot of people with his speed. He’s just kind of faster. That’s his advantage on everybody, for the most part, and I don’t think he’s going to have a speed advantage on Demetrious. I don’t know if anybody does in the division. He’s going to have a size advantage, but the ‘Mighty Mouse’ name is perfect. It’s hard to get a hold of a little mouse like that that’s so fast and strong and powerful. I think that’s where he’s going to give Dominick [trouble] is with his speed. Dominick Cruz kind of gets to you first and moves back quick enough or darts to the side and cuts those angles where you can’t get him. I think Demetrious is just as fast. I think if we do see a win by Dominick, it’s going to be more in the power game. Maybe he’s going to do a lot more clinching. Maybe even more groundwork than we’ve seen from Dominick because that’s where he can kind of hold on to Demetrious and use his size advantage. If we see a win from Demetrious, it’s going to be him winning with his speed.”
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