Bjorn Rebney: Now That Bellator Competes with UFC, It Makes Sense to Engage Dana White

By Staff Dec 21, 2013
Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney, on “Beatdown,” explaining why the animosity between Bellator and the UFC has increased:

“We were in no way, shape or form a competitor to them for a number of years. Until such time we were competitive with the UFC on any front, it didn’t make sense to say anything. So when Dana [White] would make comments, when Dana would go on his profanity-laden tirades post-fight around the scrum, calling this guy a d-bag and that guy a d-bag, myself included, there was no reason to respond when we were number four or number five or number six. But now that the fall ratings are out and we beat them event for event on television ratings, and now that when he’s come out with comments like the comments he’s made where he said Bellator had no value -- a week after his partners paid tens of millions of dollars for our rights in Latin America -- and then when his Tweet came out about Eddie Alvarez and said that’s karma -- yeah, we just had the fight of the year, and two guys made a great living doing it and gave fans an incredible fight. If that’s karma, serve me another plate. It came time where it just didn’t make sense to stay quiet anymore. When somebody throws softballs like that, you’ve got to take a swing at them.”

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