Boardroom Brawls: Fighters-Turned-Promoters I (of V)

By Jake Rossen Jun 22, 2009
When Affliction Vice-President Tom Atencio steps into the ring during Saturday’s “Ultimate Chaos” event in Biloxi, Mississippi, he’ll continue a stint as one of the few promoters to get his hands bloody. (You could also make that claim for Don King: ask Google to elaborate.)

Inversely, there have been several fighters who have tried their luck promoting bouts. The moral? In most cases, it’s best to stick to what you do best.

All this week: fighters who stepped into the promotional ring.

Wallid Ismail
Resume: Jiu-jitsu black belt who submitted Royce Gracie in grappling in 1998; uneven MMA career that ended in 2002.
Brand: Jungle Fight, a Brazilian promotion instituted in 2003; ran into some controversy when allegations circulated over a pre-orchestrated fight ending. As of May 2009, Jungle Fight is still promoting.
Evaluation: Not without controversy -- Ismail also sued EliteXC in 2007 for freezing him out of the organization -- but generally more successful than Ismail’s fights.
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