Boetsch Hopes Silva Still Champ When He Gets to Top

By Staff Sep 23, 2011
Tim Boetsch, on “The Savage Dog Show,” discussing UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva:

“I want him to reign as champion for as long as he can until I get there and then I want to take it from him. He’s a living legend. I think he wins on reputation alone a lot of times. You see guys go in there against him almost fearful, and that’s no way to go into any fight. I think he’s going to continue to win and I look forward to getting my chance to take the belt from him. … Chael [Sonnen] had the perfect game plan, except for the fact that he didn’t do enough damage when he was on top. He had the takedown game perfect. He took him down and controlled him, but fighting isn’t about just control. You have to control your opponent and you have to hurt him. Obviously Chael didn’t hurt him bad enough. In the fifth round Anderson was still able to pull off that submission, but if you’ve got a guy completely battered and beaten underneath you [so] that he can’t even throw his legs up around your head, you’re way ahead of the game. That’s part of the puzzle that Chael missed. I’ve got a pretty solid game plan in my mind right now and I’m only going to get better. I’m looking forward to getting the opportunity.”
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