Brenneman Cut Weight Alongside Marquardt Before Replacing Him

By Staff Jul 4, 2011
Charlie Brenneman (Pictured, File Photo), on “Beatdown,” discussing the strange circumstances surrounding his replacement of Nate Marquardt at UFC Live 4, which included a brief conversation with Marquardt in the sauna while they were cutting weight at the same time:

“It was so weird because there was all these players involved. Nobody knew what anyone knew. I didn’t know if Rick [Story] knew. I didn’t know if Nate knew. I didn’t know if Greg Sirb knew. I didn’t know what UFC people knew. … Like Nate was asking me, for example, what my weight was. ‘Do you have to cut a lot of weight? You all right?’ And I’m thinking, ‘Is he asking this because he knows something’s up or is he just curious? Does he even know anything?’ It was pretty weird.”
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