Brink’s ‘Intervention’

By Jake Rossen Jul 21, 2009
Aaron Brink performed in over 1,200 adult film scenes, married an adult film actress and was a frequent presence on regional MMA shows.

“I was on top of the world,” he says.

Life is relative.

If being amused by television includes cringing at the deeply scarred addicts of A&E’s docu-crap “Intervention,” then have they got an episode for you: Brink was a featured guest on Monday’s episode (replays throughout the week) where he admitted to a crystal meth addiction that’s been going strong for five years. After smoking or injecting, Brink will station himself in front of the television and watch pornography for 10-12 hours straight; when he was arrested for assault a year ago, his wife resumed her porn career to pay for -- well, I’m not sure what, exactly, but it was probably drugs. And she seemed quite upset about it.

After prolonged sobbing, a postscript indicated Brink accepted an offer for treatment … then started smoking meth again a few weeks later. This was just in case you dared leave your living room feeling even slightly optimistic.

How or why this domestic strife becomes fodder for a camera crew is beyond my ability to understand. John McCain was wrong: MMA is not the end of civilization as we know it. “Intervention” is.
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