Browne Remembers Days as Enforcer on Basketball Court

By Staff Oct 13, 2011
Travis Browne, on “The Savage Dog Show,” discussing his past as a basketball player:

“I was pretty good. I really could have done something with it. I don’t know if I would have made it to the NBA, but coming out of one year of college, out of [junior college], I had some looks to go overseas and I also had some D-1 schools. I was pretty good. … I would usually be the starting 2 or 3, and what would happen is, they would just have me beat somebody up the entire, the entire game. Or if there was a big man that was giving them problems, they would put me in there because I would never back down to anybody. Imagine that, I’m a fighter. I’d be elbowing somebody. I broke some kid’s nose in a high school basketball game. I was setting picks, and he kept running through my picks and he would put his elbow out to hit me right in the chest. I told him. I said, ‘Hey, bro. You hit me with one more of those elbows, I’m going to break your f--king nose.’ That’s what I told him. He ran through one more, and then the next time, as he was coming through, I just laid a frickin’ muay Thai elbow right to his nose. I didn’t even know what muay Thai was at the time. He came running through, and I stepped to the side and cracked him across the nose. I don’t know how the ref didn’t see it, but he didn’t. I didn’t even get a foul called on me. That was my job; I was kind of the enforcer.”
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