Cain Velasquez’s Trainer Thinks Antonio Silva Is Being Underestimated

By Staff May 26, 2012
Trainer Bob Cook, on “The Savage Dog Show,” discussing Cain Velasquez’s UFC 146 bout against Antonio Silva: “I think if [Daniel Cormier] hadn’t have done what he did to [Silva], there would be much different talk [about] this fight. If he had never fought D.C. and this was coming off that Fedor fight and he was now fighting Cain, the hype that would be on this fight would be incredible. Everybody would be saying, ‘This is going to be an eliminator fight. It’s going to be this huge fight.’ But because D.C. took care of him the way that he did, I think people are underestimating Antonio Silva on what his accomplishments have been in the past.”


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