Canseco: ‘Six figures’ for Choi

By Jake Rossen May 28, 2009
The butterfly effect, MMA style: Jose Canseco’s stupidly brave/bravely stupid fight against Korean Super Hulk Hong Man Choi has somehow resulted in a Miami blogger not getting a crack at Michael Lohan.

As Gus Garcia-Roberts tells it, he was scheduled to celebrity-box Lohan -- father of Lindsay -- on the undercard of a Canseco-headlining June event in South Florida. Then promoter Damon Feldman told him the whole show might do a belly-flop on account of Canseco’s date with the acromegalic monstrosity.

"He's getting six figures [for Choi],” Feldman told him. “We have to wait to see how it goes. If he gets cut up too bad, he's not going to want to fight very soon."

Canseco did not get cut up, but he also didn’t look anything resembling healthy as he exited the ring. Feldman may yet box Lohan in September -- mark those calendars -- but the real story is that Canseco apparently pocketed a minimum $100,000 for the oddity.

Lyoto Machida, meanwhile, made $200,000 for his come-and-conquer thrashing of Rashad Evans last weekend. Feel free to mourn the end of Western civilization.
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