Carmouche: Women Will Deliver if Zuffa Provides Opportunity

By Staff Jul 29, 2011
Liz Carmouche, on “Beatdown,” discussing the future of women’s MMA under the Zuffa banner:

“I think with Zuffa, as long as we keep performing the way we have in women’s MMA, just showing them we’re taking ‘Fight of the Night,’ ‘Fight of the Week,’ I think if we continue on, that that’s going to convince Zuffa we really do have a place in this sport and they should take us on. … I think that there’s depth [in women’s MMA]. I just don’t think necessarily that the opportunity for all women has been given yet. Women are training. I know plenty of women that have been training five, six years waiting for that pro debut and they just haven’t had a chance for one reason or another. I think the more we open up the possibilities for them, the more you’re going to see just how deep our fighting pool actually is. … There’s so much possibility. If anything, what I’ve shown is that in a short amount of time, you can create a great fighter. I think that if they just give women that chance, they’re going to see them develop.”
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