Chris Lytle Would ‘Definitely Have to Entertain’ Possibility of UFC Return

By Staff May 29, 2012

Chris Lytle, on “The Savage Dog Show,” discussing whether he’d fight in the UFC again:

“I just watched some fights here and I’m always kind of picturing myself and who I would like to fight right now. I talk to people [and say], ‘Man, if somebody gets hurt in this fight within like two weeks before the fight, I’ll take it.’ … I just had my election last week, so my training has been cut back quite a bit, but I’m going to start being able to train a little bit more now. I’m trying to help some of my guys who used to help me get ready for their fights. But if they call me, it would have to be the right situation and everything and then I’d have to really think about if I’d want to do it or not because probably the main deterrent right now would just be the fact that my last fight ended about as good as it could have ended. What can I do to top it? I don’t know if I would or not, but I’d definitely have to entertain the thought.”


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