Clay Guida Lived Without Running Water, Heat During Most Recent Camp

By Tristen Critchfield Jan 25, 2013

Any trainer, coach or mixed martial artist worth his salt will tell you that fight camps are all about being uncomfortable. Whether it’s cutting weight, enduring grueling practices or battling through the daily grind of bumps and bruises, preparing for caged combat against another human being is no easy task.

After years of competing at lightweight, Clay Guida spent his most recent camp at Jackson’s MMA perfecting the cut to 145 pounds for his featherweight debut at UFC on FoX 6. If that wasn’t difficult enough, “The Carpenter” was also forced to endure several weeks of his stint in New Mexico without hot water at his temporary RV residence, and during one especially cold spell in the Southwest, he didn’t have any water at all.

At the time, Guida was just a few weeks away from his showdown with former Shooto champion Hatsu Hioki. Instead of becoming frustrated, the Chicago native was able to turn a negative into a positive.

“[It was tough] having a lack sources at the RV. I got no running water over there -- the pipes freeze up,” Guida said. “I’ve been living off gallons of water... it’s been super cold. I haven’t had hot water the whole time. It’s whatever. I just do dishes, wash my hands and brush my teeth in cold water, no big deal. This past week [approximately two weeks before UFC on Fox 6], I’ve been living out of gallons [of water].

“I have no heat, I’ve been using space heaters because the liquid propane that it runs off is empty I don’t feel like breaking the RV down to go fill up the propane tank for my camp,” he continued. “To me, dealing with the elements makes me that much hungrier and that much more determined. You’ve got to dig deeper and find something that motivates you.”

Guida’s bout with Hioki will air on the FX network as part of the UFC on Fox 6 prelims.

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