Compared to How Fighters in U.S. Prepare, Mousasi Believes He’s Way Behind

By Staff Sep 26, 2011
Gegard Mousasi (Pictured), on “Beatdown,” discussing the advantages he believes fighters training in the U.S. have:

“As far as technology and how they do it, like weight cutting and stuff like that, I’m way behind them because I don’t have those contacts. I don’t have those people around me that can help me with those things. … In the U.S., it’s a lot more professional what the athletes do there. The nutrition, the trainers, the people that they work with there, it’s much more professional than what I do. If you compare me to the U.S. fighters, I’m just an amateur the way I prepare for my fights. I give [up] a lot of advantages there. I understand that, but for me, yes, I’m learning but slowly.”
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