Cub Swanson Welcomes Teammate Clay Guida to Featherweight Class

By Staff Oct 2, 2012
Cub Swanson, on “Beatdown,” discussing Clay Guida, who is joining him in the 145-pound division: “I love it. I think that’s a great move for him. I felt like he was an undersized [lightweight]. We train side by side together, and many times when we fought on the same card I’m heavier than him. He’s just a hardworking dude, and I’m happy that he’s moving to 145. I think it will be good for him. I definitely don’t feel threatened or anything by that. We’re all friends, and I just want the best for him. ... I definitely don’t want to fight any of my teammates, but if it were in good fun and it weren’t a big deal, I think it’d be fun. ... I spar Diego Brandao, Clay Guida, Leonard Garcia. Bart Palaszewski just came over. I’m sparring these guys on a regular basis. I think people would pay to see us spar. If it wasn’t in a situation where one of us was going to get cut or something, then I think it would be fun, but I’m definitely not trying to get in anyone’s way. ... The only way I would ever fight a teammate is if we train together the whole time. ... That’s the only way I would do it because when you start splitting the camps, that just gets people -- you let people talk and things happen like that. When if you’re right there in the gym, side by side, throwing down every day, preparing for what’s going to happen for everybody else, that’s the only way I would do it.”


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