Cut to 145 Tough for Curran, But He’s Staying There

By Staff Sep 8, 2011
Pat Curran (Pictured), on “The Savage Dog Show,” discussing the cut he makes to 145 pounds:

“I don’t have much fat on me. I can’t really diet to lose body fat. I’m cutting 10 extra pounds of water weight, spending that much more time in the sauna. It’s rough. It’s the hardest weight cut that I’ve ever had to do. Especially three times that close to each other [for a tournament] is really hard on my body. But I’m able to get down there. I honestly don’t think I can get any lower than 145. Not by a half of a pound, a quarter. I mean, that’s as far down as I can go. … I’m going to stick at 145 as long as I can. This was the original plan, being a featherweight, and I’m having a lot of success right now in this weight class. I don’t see why I should change it. There’s always a possibility of going back up to lightweight, but I’m happy at featherweight.”
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