Demetrious Johnson Not Willing to Drop to 115

By Staff Sep 18, 2012
Demetrious Johnson, on “Rewind,” discussing whether he’d drop to 115 pounds if the UFC added the division:

“No. I would never fight at 115 pounds; 125 is the lowest I go. If I do not become champion at 125, I will not go to 115. Not happening. ... I told myself that I’m not going to be that type of guy. When I fought at 135, when I lost the title against Dominick Cruz, I wasn’t distraught or whatever. Obviously I was sad, but I wasn’t like, ‘This is it for mixed martial arts.’ I went back to the gym and I started training again and I was about to make a run at the 135-pound belt just to keep on fighting ... . The same thing’s going to happen whether I win or lose [against Joseph Benavidez at UFC 152]. I’m going to go back to the gym, keep on getting better and keep on moving forward and take another fight.”


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