Demetrious Johnson Trains to Never Lose Title, But Knows He Will Someday

By Staff Dec 24, 2013
Demetrious Johnson, on “Cheap Seats,” discussing the inevitability of defeat in MMA:

“I tell people I know one day I’m going to lose my belt. … It’s because it’s reality; it’s going to happen. If you stay in this sport long enough, it’s going to happen. Losses come. Every great fighter in the world has lost before, even in boxing. … I just know it’s reality. It’s my job to train my butt off to make sure it never happens, but I know it’s going to happen eventually. There might be a 12-year-old kid out there right now who’s wrestling and doing all the stuff I was doing when I was 12 years old, and when he gets 20 years old, I might be 38 and still fighting and he might dethrone me. You never know.”

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