Diego Sanchez vs. Clay Guida: Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale

By Jake Rossen Jun 20, 2009

Up Next: Diego Sanchez vs. Clay Guida
Is anyone more of a lockdown artist than Guida? He’s on you like cobwebs, shutting out your game and reducing you to thoughts about how best to get him off. It’s strangely entertaining. Sanchez has more tools to win -- better wrestling to keep Guida at bay, better striking -- but Guida having played spoiler to Nate Diaz and Mac Danzig recently is a role he’s clearly enjoying. It is well within the realm of possibility that -- barring Sanchez summoning the power of the elements indoors -- Guida could fatigue him in the clinch and win a decision.

Round 1
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Guida's trainer slaps him across the face repeatedly. Not to be outdone, Sanchez has his corner shoot him in a non-vital area with a small round.

Sanchez comes out like he's on amphetamines, throwing a series of punches that snap Guida's head back. Clearly not enjoying it, Guida takes him down. Back standing, Guida eats a kick to the face that should've taken his jaw off -- instead, he tolerates only temporary paralysis before continuing to fight.

Round 2
Having failed to decapitate Guida, Sanchez now tries ripping his arm off. Guida is content staying in guard, stifling Sanchez standing, and not spitting out molars at a Denny's later tonight. The work nets him the round, but he looks a bloody mess.

Round 3
Guida looks like a homicide victim who's still breathing. Sanchez wants to open up on the feet, but he appears skittish about being taken back down. Too late: Guida plays the Persian rug game. He's got control, but it's Sanchez who has been making effort from the bottom. Good luck scoring this one.

Split decision for Sanchez. Justifiable. Guida slinks off to buy some Tony Robbins CDs.
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