Dominick Cruz Understands Doubts About His Recovery, But He’s Burning for Return

By Staff Feb 26, 2013

Dominick Cruz, on “Beatdown,” discussing his recovery after a second major surgery on his knee:

“I just know the work that I put in and the focus that I put in and the fact that I have really nothing else going on in my life to distract me from one thing, and that’s heal up and fight. I have no girlfriend. I have no family living with me. It’s me, my training partners and my dog. We hang out, and that’s it. I’m very focused. I think that this is a challenge that’s tough to beat -- two knee surgeries and then come back and fight for the title -- and I love challenges and I love being doubted because it lights a fire under my butt. This is one of those situations where if people are going to doubt, I could understand, but bet against Cruz, you will lose. … That fire that’s in somebody to compete, a lot of people don’t have that. I have a burning desire for that still. I think that’s what is going to get me through this and get me back in there very strong.”

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