Dominick Cruz Willing to Fight Urijah Faber ‘25 Times’

By Staff Mar 16, 2012

Dominick Cruz, on “Beatdown,” discussing whether Urijah Faber deserves the next bantamweight title shot:

“I can’t really decide who gets a title shot or not. When I become a matchmaker … then I’ll make that decision. But right now my job is to fight. I’m a fighter. I’m a fighter’s fighter. I want to go out and fight anybody who believes that they’re worthy of that shot. Right now Faber beat up [Brian] Bowles. I’ll fight him 25 times if I have to. If I beat him this time, like murder him -- not if, when I go out there and beat the crap out of him, I’ll fight him again next time like right away. I don’t care. … That’s what this is about: It’s about challenging myself against the next worthy opponent. That’s Faber right now and that’s all there is to it. I’m going to win on July 7, period.”


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