Faber: ‘Great Takedowns’ The Answer to Aldo’s Riddle

By Sherdog.com Staff Nov 7, 2010
Urijah Faber (Pictured), speaking Monday on “The Savage Dog Show,” about WEC featherweight champion Jose Aldo:

“He is good. He’s really good. I think when it comes down to being a great fighter, there’s a lot that goes into it. He’s definitely got the tools. He’s an athletic guy. He’s at the top of the weight class physically, and his skills are there. He’s got some skills that are on a different level than other guys’ like with his kicking and combinations, and he’s got real poise in there. We still haven’t seen him on the ground yet, so I think a guy with really, really great takedowns, that can force a takedown, is going to be an interesting [challenge] that’s going to give us another look at Aldo, but the guy’s tough.”

On whether Faber teammate Chad Mendes might be the man he’s describing:

“Yeah, I think Chad’s a guy with that ability. Chad’s still working and developing, but let’s see what happens.”
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