Firas Zahabi: If GSP Fights Johny Hendricks Again, Freddie Roach Could Be in Corner

By Staff Nov 28, 2013

Trainer Firas Zahabi, on “Beatdown,” discussing why Freddie Roach should be in the corner if Georges St. Pierre fights Johny Hendricks again:

“I’m an MMA coach. Definitely he needs an MMA coach, and then we usually have a second coach who’s a specialist. Usually we’re scheduled to have John Danaher, but he’s a grappling coach. There wasn’t a lot of grappling in this fight. It was more about the standup. I’m an expert in kickboxing, but Freddie Roach lends a lot in terms of boxing of course, without any question. Having him might make a lot of sense to give us tips on how to neutralize Johny’s boxing. I think Freddie Roach is a perfect fit to have in the corner for a guy like Hendricks because Hendricks is not really looking to do any jiu-jitsu. He’s really looking to punch. That’s his big thing. He does kick or knee a little bit, but his main thing is punching.”

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