Florian Trained with GSP, But GSP He’s Not

By Joe Hall Aug 8, 2009
In preparation for his bout with B.J. Penn on Saturday, Kenny Florian trained with the man who holds two wins over the Hawaiian -- Georges St. Pierre.

“Any time you get a chance to train with different people outside of your camp, it’s a huge help,” Florian said. “Sometimes you train with guys -- and they can be the best guys in the world -- but once you get on to their strengths and weaknesses, it’s almost like cheating a little bit: You know the answer to the test before you get out there.”

Florian said, however, that the training didn’t necessarily lead to any strategical secrets.

“It doesn’t help really on the technical side,” he said. “A lot of the things that (GSP) saw, I saw as well. It’s going to take a different type of strategy (for me) to beat B.J. Penn, in my opinion. … GSP and I are definitely different fighters. He can do way more things than I can do in the cage, but yeah, I think there are some things I can take away from that fight, but I will have to have a completely different game plan if I want to win.”

Greg Savage contributed to this entry.
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