Garcia Closing in on Fourth ADCC Title

By Jordan Breen Sep 27, 2009
Surprise surprise: Marcelo Garcia will have the chance to go for his fourth straight 77-kilogram ADCC title, against his rival Pablo Popovitch.

After guillotines over Rodney Ellis and Kron Gracie on Saturday, Marcelo Garcia hit his trademark choke again over Keita "K-Taro" Nakamura. After sweeping and getting mount, Garcia opted for side control, and the north-south choke, where he locked up a choke. K-Taro was able to defend and turn to his belly, but turned straight into Garcia's guillotine, and was forced to tap.

Popovitch, who has been defeated in the 77-kilogram finals in both 2005 and 2007 by Garcia, earned his third finals appearance by taking out Gregor Gracie on points. After working Gracie from top position throughout the bout, Popovitch took Gracie's back late, and after fully locking in a rear-naked choke, time expired. However, the points he earned for taking the back were enough to give him his victory, and chance at redemption against Garcia.
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