Gomi to Affliction

By Jake Rossen Jul 6, 2009
After flirting with a few stateside promotions, Japanese star Takanori Gomi has finally wedded one: He’s set to debut on the Aug. 1 Affliction card opposite Rafaello Oliveira. He’s presumably optimistic it’ll end better than his last U.S. appearance, a 2007 loss in Pride to Nick Diaz. (The blemish was later scratched from record when Diaz tested positive for cannabis.)

Oliveira, 8-1 in his pro career, will be making a quantum leap up in competition: All of his opposition to date boast of .500 records or worse, save for 10-0 Lyle “Fancy Pants” Beerbohm -- who beat him in a 2007 EliteXC event. If Gomi loses here, a recent career slide is going to turn into a freefall.
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