Gonzaga Setting a Precedent?

By Jake Rossen Nov 5, 2010

Gabriel Gonzaga: Terry Goodlad | Sherdog.com

Fighters, like everyone else, are not necessarily the best judge of their own character, and so the news that Gabriel Gonzaga intends to quit MMA following his release from the UFC shouldn’t be taken as undisputed truth. But his reasons might be a sign of things to come.

Gonzaga told viewers of his video blog that he’s “not going to fight for cheap money.” The UFC paid well, he said, and other promoters may not “pay me what I think I should have to fight.”

Gonzaga’s financials are private, but between sponsorship deals, bonuses, and guaranteed pay, he almost certainly had an annual income in the six figures. That standard of living becomes difficult to sustain when you begin shopping your services through the tier of mid to low-range promotions, where he could see his salary cut in half -- if not worse. Rather than panhandle, it seems like Gonzaga would just rather find something else to do.

With many promotions trying -- and failing -- to emulate the UFC’s success, there are going to be fewer and fewer opportunities for castaways to try and regroup. Maybe Gonzaga could come back to the promotion stronger after a few solid wins in regional events. But without the financial incentive to try, we’ll never know.
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