Greg Jackson Has High Praise for Matt Hume, Bob Cook

By Staff Aug 9, 2012

Greg Jackson, on “Beatdown,” discussing his relationships with other coaches:

“I do have a relationship with Matt Hume. He’s a great friend and I love him to death. He’s an amazing trainer. Him and Bob Cook are the two kind of overlooked guys, I think, that are just phenomenal trainers. I mean they’re just amazing, and they don’t get their due. That’s for sure. I’m not really sure why people focus on me at all. I think it’s silly. Matt Hume are phenomenal, amazing, and we all have a relationship because here’s the deal: When you’re dealing with this kind of high-level fighter and pressure and media and everything, there’s very few people you can relate to. … When you talk to those guys, you can relate. I’m just playing chess against them. They’re like my best friends on the road. … Sometimes they win, sometimes we win. It’s not a big deal. Mostly it’s just, we do the same job and it’s nice to have somebody that can relate to that.”


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