Hallman Compares UFC in 2001 to Now

By Sherdog.com Staff Dec 19, 2011
Dennis Hallman, on “Beatdown,” discussing what it was like to co-headline UFC 33 in 2001 as compared to fighting on the UFC 140 prelim card in Toronto:

“The [UFC 33] crowd was pretty sparse. I fought in the semi-main event, and we probably had as many people at that show as there were at the weigh-ins [at UFC 140]. It didn’t seem like a lot of people. I’m sure there was a lot, but to me it didn’t seem like the crowd was anything like the crowds that they have now. I was the semi-main event at [UFC 33] and I could walk all the way through Vegas and no one would ever recognize me. Now I’m an undercard fighter in Toronto and I can barely make it through the hallway without hiding my face.”


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