Hardy: No Boos Expected against Lytle

By Brian Knapp Aug 14, 2011
Dan Hardy (Pictured) likes excitement. The 29-year-old Team Rough House standout will face Chris Lytle -- a five-time “Fight of the Night” winner -- in the UFC Live 5 main event on Sunday at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee. Considering the past history of the two participants, Hardy, during a pre-fight teleconference, said he believes the fans will get their money’s worth:

“I think this is the kind of fight that the fans want to see, and I’m not expecting to hear any boos at any point in the 15 minutes. It’s frustrating for me because I do this sport just because I love it. I love fighting. I love the competition. I love the risk-taking and the gamble in throwing punches at somebody, and two of my last three fights have been snoozefests. It’s been disappointing, and I just don’t like having boring fights. I mean, the Carlos Condit fight [at UFC 120] was good fun for the first, what, four minutes or so? And then I got clipped. I want fun fights, and, for me, Chris Lytle is the kind of guy that I can look up to and think he’s the kind of guy I want to fight like. I want to fight like this guy, so having the opportunity to actually share a main event with him is an honor. I know he’s going to bring it, I know he’s going to test me and I know that he’s going to come and try to win the fight, and that’s exactly what I want -- somebody who wants to get that paycheck and take it home.”
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