Here’s Something Depressing: A List of All 104 UFC and Strikeforce Injuries in 2012

By Staff Jan 7, 2013

Remember all those training injuries that were responsible for canceled fights, title bouts and even a whole UFC event in 2012? Well, over at, user Steve Borchardt got the bright idea to compile them all into one large, entirely depressing Excel spreadsheet.

Click here to see the spreadsheet in Google Docs.

It turns out the magic number was 104. That’s right: there were more than 100 injuries to UFC and Strikeforce fighters last year. Although, less than 100 fighters were injured, because a few fighters were injured multiple times -- not sure if that’s better or worse. Let’s go with worse.

The epidemic shows no signs of slowing, and this year’s body count is already piling up -- Erick Silva and Justin Salas have pulled out of UFC bouts in the first week alone -- but nonetheless, here’s hoping for at least a slightly healthier 2013.


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