Hominick on Hioki: I’d Fight That Guy in a Backyard

By Sherdog.com Staff Dec 12, 2011
Mark Hominick, on “Beatdown,” discussing whether he’d like to fight Hatsu Hioki (Pictured) a third time:

“For sure. I’d fight that guy in a backyard. That’s one guy who really gets my blood going. It’s in a competitive way. He’s got two wins over me. There’s no way I wouldn’t want to erase those wins. He’s an amazing competitor with an amazing skill set. I’m just thrilled that he’s in the UFC. … I’ve just got a lot more confidence on the ground [since their previous fights]. I’ve continually improved my wrestling, continually worked on my jiu-jitsu. I’m just a lot more confident down there [on the ground]. I’d be confident to go anywhere with him and put him away.”


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