How Being a Boxing Fan Helped Daniel Cormier’s Striking

By Staff Jun 19, 2012

Daniel Cormier, on “Beatdown,” discussing why he has picked up striking so quickly:

“I like it. I enjoy the striking. I enjoy the standup. I felt fine standing in there and mixing it up [against Josh Barnett], and I think people come to watch fights. They don’t want to see me take a guy down over and over again for 25 minutes. I’ve always been a huge boxing fan. Just watching boxing, I kind of started trying to incorporate some of the things I saw the guys on TV doing. When I started doing that and started getting some skills … it helped me tremendously. But a lot comes from the fact that I’ve watched boxing my entire life. I remember back when I was growing up, boxing used to be on network TV all the time and my uncles always watched it. From then on, I’ve always been a huge boxing fan.”


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