How Greg Jackson Would Have Helped Georges St. Pierre Prepare for Carlos Condit

By Staff Sep 13, 2012
Trainer Firas Zahabi, on “Rewind,” discussing what role Greg Jackson would have played in Georges St. Pierre’s training camp for Carlos Condit had he not recused himself due to a conflict of interest:

“When you have a guy like Greg, when he comes in, he’ll assess your entire training. There’s so many techniques. There’s so many things you could do -- you can’t do them all. Greg will come in and say, ‘This is what you’ve got to focus on if you want to beat this guy. You guys should spend the majority of your time doing this and this.’ He’ll lay it out for us in terms of how he sees the fight, and definitely we’ll follow that plan and gear our training towards that. We have other coaches as well. They put in their two cents. That’s a big part of the battle, making those decisions early on because you could spend a lot of time doing something that when it comes down to the fight, you didn’t use it at all. It wasn’t even relevant at all, so all those hours you spent working on that could have been better spent working on something else.”


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