Hughes vs. Gracie Sequel Possible for February

By Jake Rossen Nov 12, 2009
If it worked for Kazushi Sakuraba, it can work for Matt Hughes: after depressing the hell out of mid-1990s MMA fans by putting a stake in Royce Gracie’s heart, the onetime steamroller of the welterweight division may fight Renzo Gracie next. (This according to,, and the vague, teasing Twitter comments of both Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta.)

In making no sense at all, it actually makes perfect sense: both Gracie, 42, and Hughes -- who cannot contend at the Alves/St. Pierre level -- are unlikely to make a title run at this stage in their careers. This is a fight for a fight’s sake, and that’s something the UFC has been sorely lacking in recent years.
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