Jake Shields Would Love a Rematch with Carlos Condit

By Sherdog.com Staff Mar 6, 2012

Jake Shields, on “Beatdown,” reflecting on his April 2006 win over Carlos Condit and his desire to fight him again:

“At the time I did think we were going to be top guys. Maybe a little sooner than it happened, but Condit’s a great fighter. I think he’s improved a lot, as have I. That’s someone I’d love to get another shot at. Obviously the fight with Nick [Diaz], a lot of people, me included, thought Nick won that fight. I thought running away for five rounds was kind of not a way to win a fight, but I still think Condit’s a good fighter. I hope I get another shot at him. I want to get through Akiyama [first]. I feel like 170 is really up for grabs right now with [Jon] Fitch getting upset and all the shakeups that have been happening. Hopefully I can get in there and get another shot at the title soon.”


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