Jay Hieron: Despite Some Departures, Xtreme Couture Still Rolling

Feb 1, 2013
Jay Hieron, on “Cheap Seats,” discussing why some fighters have left Xtreme Couture:

“… Of course they’re picking on the gym right now, which is what media does. They find something. Right now they’re picking on Xtreme Couture. Next they’ll be picking on -- or the last, they were picking on Jackson’s. Next they’ll be picking on AKA. Everything happens in the cycle. It’s not that the guys are leaving because of the gym. It’s that guys are changing their life. Vegas is a hard place to live as it is. Certain guys want to get out of here. They move. That’s what happened with Gray [Maynard] and Tyson [Griffin] -- they moved. They wanted to go back to California. I still train there. I do my thing, but I’m a guy that’s always trained at other gyms. … That’s not to say the gym is going downhill. No, the gym is still rolling.”

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