Joe Lauzon Plans to Put UFC on Fox 4 Money Toward Mortgage or Student Loans

By Staff Aug 7, 2012
Joe Lauzon, on “Beatdown,” discussing how he’ll spend the money he earned at UFC on Fox 4:

“I got [$50,000] for ‘Fight of the Night.’ I got [$50,000] for ‘Submission of the Night,’ and I made roughly [$50,000] for my show and win money. So I made like 150 grand. Right off the bat, $50,000 of that is gone for taxes. Like a third of that is gone between paying the California state tax, the Massachusetts state tax and federal taxes. So a third of it’s gone. And then by the time I pay all of my coaches, pay for all of the hotels and airfare and things like that, it does go pretty quick. But I think for this one, [because] I got a double bonus, I think I’m going to basically take whatever I have left, and I’m going to leave myself a little bit, but whatever I have left, I’m just going to toss it all towards my mortgage and just pay that down as much as I can. So it ends up being 80 grand towards my mortgage, and that’s what I’m going to do. ... But I still have student loans. What I might do is I might just completely get rid of all my student loans. I think I owe like 40 grand on my student loans or 30-something thousand dollars on my student loans. I might just get rid of that and toss the rest to my mortgage. I don’t want to make a hasty decision. I’m going to think about it for a couple of weeks.”


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