Joe Rogan, Staredown Enthusiast

By Jordan Breen Jan 30, 2013

Hat tip to the crew at for throwing up this video of Joe Rogan or, more specifically, Joe Rogan's infamous behavior at staredowns during the UFC weigh-ins.

Many would look at this as some kind of glib throwaway. After all, who gives a damn if Joe Rogan -- a man who prides himself on quirky, often antisocial behavior -- wants to get an extra close-up on the latest main event?

Frankly, I think that's pretty lazy and elementary. Sure, Rogan is an idiosyncratic oddball at times, but there must be something behind this behavior. It isn't just that he eavesdrops, either. Rogan's face is a picture of childish intrigue and fanatic intensity. Rogan is fond of getting into the commentary booth on fight night and giving fans the behind-the-scenes on what was said in vulgar, hushed breaths up on the stage.

Ultimately, we know that weigh-in face-off trash talk often dies not far from the scales. Quinton Jackson's affirmations in the face of Glover Teixeira in Chicago were good enough for their own YouTube video, but amounted to nothing. But, will it stop Rogan from going into a fugue state with a look of wonder and amazement during the next staredown? No, it won't. Joe Rogan will be stoked as heck the next time two heated rivals that speak English go nose-to-nose.

It is worth laughing at, but it's also worth acknowledging for its positivity: Rogan still lights up like a kid on Christmas because even after calling literally thousands of fights all over the world for the UFC, he still legitimately loves MMA, so much that it seems that his passion and enthusiasm will come bursting forth from his eyeballs like a cataclysmic laser blast.


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