Joe Warren: Fighting Is Scary

By Staff Mar 15, 2012

Joe Warren, on “The Savage Dog Show,” discussing why he is focused on fighting at the moment but still plans on wrestling in the Olympics:

“I know how to wrestle. So what I did was put it on the backburner. I don’t know how to fight. I need to focus on this fighting. I need to get my muscle memory and my focus and maybe not be so scared. It’s a scary thing, this fighting. A lot of people, they don’t like to say that, but I’m extremely honest with you guys. It’s not the most calming experience when they lock your ass in the cage … . I needed to focus on getting a little more comfortable. I know that the Olympics is the only thing I haven’t won [in wrestling]. I know that if I do not make this team, I am going to retire and focus everything I have on MMA, but it’s a dream of mine. It’s the one thing I did not win and it’s right there at my fingertips. I could close it down and not wrestle or I could stay focused and just push hard and see if I make it. If I make this team, I win the Olympics. If I don’t make the team, I’m satisfied with my career.”


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